The Importance of the Dog Crate

This post is a bit off-topic from the normal material that we write; however, we wanted to take a moment to talk about something that is absolutely essential for any dog owner to have. What is this item?

A Dog Crate

Why is this item so essential? Because it is the foundation for all of the training framework that you are going to be providing your dog. What’s the first thing that people teach their dog to do? Go to the bathroom outside of the house.

Now, as we all know, potty training a dog is incredibly difficult, if not tedious. Simply taking your dog outside and saying ‘here’ doesn’t work. You need to use a dog crate in order to accomplish this.

Using a nice metal, spacious dog crate is going to give your dog the comfort that they need during the training process, while also providing it a safe area where they will not be intimidated. The dog crate also serves as their home, so they will be much less inclined to go to the bathroom there. This is especially useful information to know so when you go to bed at night, you can leave your dog in their dog crate and rest assured knowing they will not go potty during the night.

We always love to buy large dog crates because of the features that they provide. Having a small dog crate is great for when your dog is a puppy, but what about when they grow older? Then you’re going to have to throw away the old dog crate and buy a new large dog crate. That’s just silly and wasteful.

That’s why we recommend you do yourself a favor and buy a large dog crate from the get-go.

You will be successful in training your dog, which is going to deepen the bond between you too. This is you setting yourself up for success.

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